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Lemon Fire Chicken Fillets

These are great served on salad or in a soft shell taco.

  • Grab your skillet.

  • Heat it up and with some extra virgin olive oil.

  • Plop the pre-seasoned (salt and pepper) boneless, skinless, chicken fillets in the pan.

  • Add diced white onions, chopped garlic, dried oregano, rosemary.

  • When browned on one side (apron 2-3 mins) flip the chicken over and add a chunk of butter, some lemon juice, chicken stock, and a GENEROUS pinch of chili flakes to the pan.

  • Use a silicone spatular to get all the goodness from the bottom of the pan and whip it into a sauce.

  • Use a spoon to baste your chicken heavily with the chunky liquid mess (now here we have been known to "get fancy" and add thyme or rosemary sprigs - it's up to you).

  • Once cooked through and nicely browned (160 degrees internally).

  • Squirt Lemon Fire all over it while it rests for a few minutes.

TA DA! Spicy chicken fillet heaven! Eat it from the pan, or on a tortilla, or over zucchini....

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